Exercise is essential to getting the most out of life. It is especially important if you have problems with acne because it helps maintaining a stable body weight and balancing various endocrine systems. Exercise can also be the leading cause of breakouts if you are not careful.The accumulation of sweat and dirt produced during exercise will clog the pores if allowed to sit on the skin. Bacteria also feed happily on this mix and acne is formed more easily as a result.

It is not the actual sweat that is the problem at the outset. Sweating is a valuable regulatory process. What causes hassles is when the sweat is left on the skin and not wiped off. This, combined with the toxins sweated out and any dust picked up make your skin a prime feeding ground for acne and blocks pores.

Before each exercise session, you need to remove your makeup, if you use it. Wearing makeup in the gym will likely damage your street cred as much as it damages your skin. You are basically laying out an invite for an acne attack. It is acceptable to wear some sunblock, especially of you are pounding the pavement but never otherwise.

You also need to thoroughly wipe down and cleanse your acne problem spots before going home. A lot of us will rather just climb into our cars with our sweaty clothes and shower at home but, if you have acne, this is not really and option. If you want to know other acne solutions, go to http://www.fightbodyacne.com/.

Have a shower, take advantage of the sauna. Cleanse properly and, once your skin is dry, apply your normal moisturizer. Just after exercise is the best time for moisturizer as the blood is pumping and the pores are open.

When choosing gym clothes, you need at least two seperate outfits, bags and towels. As mentioned above, bacteria thrive on sweat.A closed gym bag filled with sweaty damp clothes is a bacterium’s idea of an invite to a party. Wear clothes ONCE before washing. Do the same with your towel. Wash the gym bag and allow to dry thoroughly before the next use. Don’t give bacteria a chance to get anywhere near your skin – this is not a case of germ-phobia but common-sense, if they cannot get to you, they cannot infect you.

Don’t give the sweat the chance to get properly acquainted with your skin and it won’t introduce any bacteria to it.

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